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WorkCenter Payroll and Participant Tracking
As a community rehabilitation program (CRP), you are aware of the difficulty of complying with the Department of Labor (DOL) requirements for sub-minimum wage clients. CBR, Inc.ís WorkCenter Payroll and Tracking Software is designed specifically to solve CRP payroll issues.

WorkCenter Payroll and Tracking Software is a new Windows-based version of a product that has been in use by CRPs since 1982. Designed with our in-depth understanding of CRP and work center needs, it meets all DOL and NISH/JWOD requirements for computation and payment of sub-minimum wages.

The new Windows-based version has an easy to use point and click input method that makes it the most user-friendly payroll program ever. In-depth accounting knowledge is not required to produce your own payroll in minutes. Easily move from window to window and sequentially process your payroll with intuitive menu options. Employee files, task files, percent of standard, tax tables, and more are built into your system, making the processing as easy as entering hours worked and pieces produced. The system does the rest.

WorkCenter Payroll and Tracking Software supports the following:
  • Staff, employee and participant payrolls
  • Any combination of pay types:
    • Piece-rated tasks
    • Hourly rates
    • Average hourly rates
    • Commensurate wages
    • WDR wages
    • Fringe benefits
  • Accurate rounding in compliance with DOL requirements
  • NISH/JWOD contracts
  • Multiple deduction fields for:
    • Federal
    • State
    • Municipality
    • FICA
    • Medicare
    • Garnishment
    • Retirement
    • User-defined (24 fields)
  • Case management
  • Human resources