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Software Overview
CBR, Inc. has been providing payroll and accounting software to community rehabilitation programs (CRPs) and work centers since 1982. We understand your issues, including complex regulatory requirements and the need to track and report across multiple fiscal years. As a result, our software is designed specifically to meet your needs - unlike off-the-shelf products.
The January 2005 release of our WorkCenter Payroll and Tracking module introduces a Windows-based version of our tried-and-true software. Windows-based versions of our other software modules, including Medicaid Processing and Accounting, are slated for release later in 2005. Also slated for 2005 is the rollout of web-based and remote processing.
CBR Software works with you! Additional features include:
  • Easy customization
  • HIPAA-compliant processing
  • Multiple security features
  • Support for Unix/Linux and AS400, in addition to Windows
  • Flexible conversion from other programs or spreadsheets
  • Interface with other human resources and accounting packages
Simplify your payroll and accounting functions by taking advantage of our CRP and work center expertise!

Companion Products
CBR, Inc. expands customer capabilities with state of the art interfaces between CBR Software and companion products. We are always looking for new ways to provide more efficient and effective computing services. If you don’t see what you want here, please let us know. We’ll work with you to meet your needs.

Lathem Time Clock Systems
Omni:Chron II automates the time-consuming job of computing employee payable hours worked, so that your accounting people are utilized in more profitable ways. In addition to saving time and manpower, the Omni:Chron II keeps indisputable employee time records and ensures compliance with company policies and Wage/Hour laws.

Hand-Held Processing Tools
Hand-Held Processing Tools (PDAs) equipped with the Microsoft Pocket PC operating system are able to run CBR software. They can be used as stand-alone data collection devices with data polled either by direct connection or over the web. They also can be used as terminals for web-based data collection (available Summer 2005) anywhere web access is available.

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